Ready for a box-full

of JOY ?



It‘s all about you and your unwanted guest.
RWPP is a monthly subscription box to empower YOU during that magical time of the month.
Each box contains 15 organic pads-tampons-MIX or NONE, 2 brand new undies, 3~5 LIFESTYLE gifts, and some snacks and WIPES!



"Rose war" is a euphemism for menstruation

How does it work?

You can simply subscribe to our monthly box and wait for it to deliver! We only carry ORGANIC pads-tampons-liners of your choice, Hand picked underwear and exclusive lifestyle gifts. Most of the boxes will ship on the last week of each month .

What is the cost of the box?

$25.20 per month! + $11.70 Priority shipping. You also have the opportunity to save per box, when you purchase a 3 or 6 month subscription!

What is the retail value of each box?

Each monthly box will have a retail value of at least $60 and up. At RWPP, getting your money's worth, is very important! We also strive to bring you a unique, handcrafted, fun, and useful items from exclusive partners. Most items will be highlighting small businesses, but we will also occasionally include well-known brands in your box.

What if I don't want/need any Period Products?

You can now OPT OUT from receiving period products and get more lifestyle gifts! Perfect for those who became pregnant, having irregular periods, menopause, or taking medications, etc. that wish to continue to receive our box! YAY!

Who are your brands?

100% Organic Tampons including: Natracare, Organycs, and Seventh Generations. In addition, we will be trying out other Organic tampon brands time to time

100% Organic Pads including: Natracare, Bon and other top quality brands from all over the world

When will my box ship?

Most of our boxes will ship out on the last week of each month.

Subscription will renew every 15th for your following months' box

Sign up by the last day of each month to receive our current box.

Possible exception for your very first box. We might be able to ship it sooner!

Do you carry plus size panties?

Yes, we do carry size Small to XXXL

Can I cancel at anytime?

No, Just Kidding- YES, you may cancel at anytime before your renewal date. Unless cancelled, we will auto-renew your subscription on the 15th of each month. You can also skip a month (wink wink)

What makes Organic Cotton different from the other?

Organic cotton may cost more up front, but it has substantial benefits over the long term. Organic Cotton is grown without the use of Pesticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Swage Sludge, Irradiation or Genetic Engineering.

Benefits of Organic Cottons?
  1. It is 100% Eco-Friendly product. 
  2. The natural, chemical-free process drastically reduces soil and water pollution.
  3. It has natural soft feel quality   
  4. It is far more absorbent than Fluff pulp used in Sanitary Hygiene Products.
  5. It is Hypoallergenic.   
  6. It does not cause any allergy or irritation when it touches human skin.
Do you accept returns?

Shipping can sometimes be a rough process, so if you receive a damaged item, we will be more than happy to replace it! As the box itself is a monthly, mystery subscription box, we do not accept returns on the box as a whole. Pre-paid subscription (3/6 month) cannot be cancelled or refunded.


This box is fabulous and such a great idea for ladies. It almost makes me look forward to *that time of the month* lol. I love that the items are all natural, organic and from lesser- known companies, which helps them get the word (and products) out. After your unwanted friend is gone, you have two new pretty pair of undies to feel pretty in! 5 stars, and 2 thumbs up :) I highly recommend trying this box if you're looking for something to brighten up that time of the month.


I love this box! I was searching through a lot of period box subscriptions and found this was the perfect match! I was in love with the idea of getting cute panties in a period box and so I chose RWPP. In my first box, I received two pairs of panties, one was a deep red practical panty and the second was a girly hot pink with cream lace (super loved them). The box also contained organic pads and liners, which I've wanted to try out for awhile. The 'comfy' items: the sweets, tea bag, personal 'lady wipe' and nail file were added bonuses. I look forward to my next box!


Received my first box and I'm SO glad that I chose this subscription! Not only is it something that I'm GUARANTEED to use, but the panties were super cute (my husband definitely approved), and the added little goodies were a pleasant surprise! AND The organic pads feel great. I can't wait until my next box is delivered!