CE, FDA certified KN95 with activated carbon filter 5 layers - 10pcs
$ 48.00

Activated Carbon Filter added KN95 mask With 5 layers+

The activated carbon combination mask model group has a higher ability than other mask models in absorbing COx. Masks with activated carbon filters protect us against bacteria and fungus, as well as prevent diseases and allergic reactions. The average results of examination of exposure to COx exhaust emissions without using a mask (PPE)/control of 3.40 ppm (inhaled gas) are higher than using other masks, namely, cotton cloth material 3.39 n/mm3, spunbond, and meltblown 1.13 ppm and a mask of activated carbon combination material, spunbond, and meltblown of 0.10 ppm


10 pcs / Set


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